Problems with High Protein Diet

he got a break here in this short video
we’re gonna talk about the problems withhigh protein dietsnow protein does trigger the fat burning
process which is goodbut if your liveris toxic or week or its damagedyou’re not gonna be able to handle all
that heavy proteinso in other words protein is hard on
your liverand when that waz builds up and you can
detoxify itit can kinda make you feel kind of cause
bad breathcan clog up you know the lymphatic
system and it can backup because what’shappening isprotein does trigger the fat burning
process but all that has to go throughthe liverso you end up with more fatty liver yeah
sothe other problem with high-protein diet
doesn’t provideall the nutrition in other wordsvessels provide the vitamins and
mineralsprotein provides the amino acidsand some of the essential fatty acids
okayso doesn’t provide vitamins and minerals
what does that mean it means thatI’m you’re gonna you can create
efficienciesspecifically and potassium calciumfor potassium is very very very
importantin heart rate inbalancing out the blood sugars in
storingI sugar in your liver arm in
counteracting thecontracting the heavy protein the body
so we need potassium in a lot ofdifferentchemical processes in the body and
potassium mainly comes from:that’s double right soI think out in 10 so high protein diets
can deplete yourbuddy up this mineral calcium not to
mention certainit there deficient in a lotta vitamins
so you start becomingother balance in that situation so I
recommend if you’re a high protein dietconsume a lot of nationalistic kinda
balance out all that wastethe problem that you might be told is
thatyou don’t want to consume any
carbohydrates because that’s going toslow down the fat burning processand %uh schools are carbohydrates but I
guarantee if you’re eatingspinach or kale or salador salary those are not the
carbohydrates that are gonnafact you’re your fat burning because
they’re very low in sugarextreme like on 10 incher I so they’re
very bitterso it’s not going to be a problem of
course if you have grainor fruit that will be a problem but if
you consume a lot of vegetables with thehigh protein orand I mean like this like to say I
protein because if you do too muchproteinlike more then like eight ounces or 10
nine ounces attendancesand you’re there is not good or year a
little bit olderall have to be connectors gonna be
converted to fatokay cuz that’s where the triggers up
fat making cornso if you have a smaller amount that
would be good special liver cellI recommend anything anywhere between
three to four ouncesand you’ve course you’re gonna hear
conflicting information you can hearthat all our bodies needso much per per poundI like we would like a hundred grams of
protein a day whateverwell I don’t know who came up with thosefigures but you have to be very healthy
to handle that all that protein everydecade youage the more difficult it is to digest
that proteinand people do better with just a little
bit a protein and not a tremendousamountwere not losing all this protein through
I mean like we don’tshared muscle protein like 50 grams
muscle protein every daywe don’t shed their protein in our body
that muchgoes right through us so it’s not that
we’re losing protein that we have toreplace itso we don’t need as much as you might
think capso these are the two Keith withprotein diets and below I had created Ia little bit rational acquits that you
can take it from onlineare analysis you can find outdisc clicking adding your food sis click
through the Wiiand then I’ll print out if you’re
getting all the nutrition from the dietyou’re currently eatingand then a look give you a graph on what
you should eatto fulfil the new church requirement
that you need a nicebent personally over my own with no
money about 150 thousand dollars tocreate this quizand its free to the public just to taken
to get informationwhat you’re going to realize when you
take it is you’re gonna find out whereyour weaknesses are so you can start tofocus on that so I hope you enjoy that
quiz and I hope you enjoy the video andI will see when the next one

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