High Protein Foods

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More and more attention is paid to protein as a major nutrient for well functioning of human body and keeping good health condition in general, in particular structuring muscles, integral organs, etc. Sportsmen and any interested individual are following the instructions and rules available in various materials. In this regard it is also important to know which food and consequently how much protein is received by a person as lack of it may cause different health problems; even there are some discussions about the average of protein to be got per day, with the division of male and female needs. Frequently this is connected with having energy, tissue building, healthy skin and hair, etc. As it is well known among customers animal products contain protein but no worry if you are vegetarian or just prefer to get another product. There is a choice. The only thing you should know is the list of food with high protein. Additionally the age and gender should also be taken into consideration while selecting the right products. Mostly meat, dairy and cheese, soy products (beef, chicken, fish, beans, eggs, etc.) are rich with protein and included in the list of well-known and spread diets. Several types of this mentioned nutrient is named and given in the biology, all of them are important and play their role in functioning of human body.

As for the connection between protein and diseases the following should be mentioned like: depending on the illness and product with different amount of proteins are measured and taken. A number of medical researches and analysis are made in this field that help people in finding the right products due to their needs and health condition. Besides that the package of proteins should also be taken into consideration as well as balancing the foods in order to achieve the targeted result. Getting information on food and making the right choice is also significant that helps us in order to stay healthy and have high protein foods. It’s never late to obtain more data about related topics and join those who have already decided to do so.

Chart about High Protein Foods



Protein per 100 grams (3.5 ounces)

Protein per 1 ounces (28.3 grams)

Calories in       100 grams (3.5 ounces)

Calories in 1unces (28.3 grams)

 Crocodile Meat    

33 - 37

9 - 10.5




26 - 30

7 - 8.5




20 - 30

5.5 - 8.5




24 - 29

6.8 - 8.2

94 - 231

27 - 65


22 - 28

6.2 - 8

110 - 210

31 - 59


10 - 25

2.8  - 7

54 - 238

15 - 67


7 - 25

2 - 8

99 - 346

28 - 97


19 - 24

5.4 - 6.8




4 - 22

1.1 -  6.2

124 - 439

35 - 140

 Cottage cheese

15 - 17

4.3 - 4.8









4 - 12

1.1 - 3.4

188 - 366

53 - 104

 Yogurt (Low-Fat)

5 - 6

1.4 - 1.7



 Milk (low-Fat)

2.5 - 3

0.7 - 0.9



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